Bandini Live in Bristol - 1st April

Bandini and The Barflies, are heading to Bristol to present his debut single 'Such a Night'

Catch the fist Bandini show outside London backed by the Barflies (10 pieace band). Bandini is being supported by the super-talented The Man & the Lake and their Gypsy Folk. 

'Such a Night' produced by Camelle Hinds (Paul Weller, Style Councli) and recorded at Perry Vale, London with his band The Barflies.

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The childhood friendship of Bandini and Mattila has crossed cities and countries, with their passion for music.

Bandini's last performance for Mattila was at his wedding only last year and this reunion has all the sparks to ignite the fire of what will continue this record breaking year. 

Tickets at the door are only

£4 before 10pm.

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