Bandini- Late Night Show Cover.png

Inspired by the story of a night out in the effervescent streets of London, Late Night Show is the first single from the upcoming album Barflies.

Produced by Camelle Hinds

Recorded at Perry Vale Studios, Pat Collier

Mastered by Dharma Studios, St. John Wood

Performed in this record:

  • Al Bandini - Hammond, Harmonica, Lead Vocal
  • Drum - Jacob Powell
  • Bass - Luigi Rignanese
  • Guitar - Richard Blenkinsop
  • Guitar - Julian Burdock
  • Saxophone - Richard Castle
  • Mellowphone - Oliver Presman
  • Trumpet - Eikel Ferndandez
  • BVS - Sandra Sorio, Jenny Lagerholm, Georgia Piper


Song of the Devil is Bandini's second single from his upcoming album Barflies.

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