Bandini is an exciting contemporary artist, who through his re-imagining of fusion music has successfully incorporated aspects of jazz, blues, rock and gypsy into a unique sound. Coupled with his enigmatic and theatrical stage performances, Bandini is quickly becoming one of the most relevant emerging acts today. 

Bandini’s performances have been described as an event, rather than simply a gig, expect nothing less from this upcoming show.

“To say the evening was colourful would be an understatement. It was a delightful spectrum of music, humour, funk, soul and love. And you leave only wanting more.” Catalina Blackman for Camden Fringe Festival. Read the full review.

“A great show, entertaining and full of energy, Bandini charms the audience by telling stories and creating a beautiful athmosphere, thanks also to the support of his band, young talented artists who give everything on stage. The gig is a success, people are happy and are grateful to have spent a nice evening with excellent music and entertainment. Bandini and his band other than being great musicians, they’re as well good people, they live music first of all as a passion and on and off stage are professionals who know how to behave.”

Massimo Ricciardo, Nidaba Theatre, Milan.

“The bastard son of Tom Waits and Cab Calloway” Troubadour, London

Bandini played a wonderful set in our Amsterdam (underground kinda) place. It was real great: great quality and timeless atmosphere! It's not nostalgic music but also not 'modern'. These songs will stand for a long, long time to come! The songs, band and singer(s) grab you and bring you in another world almost.   You're welcome back anytime (but I got a feeling next time Amsterdam will be in Paradiso for instance).  

Marco Buschman, Organiser Wonder Salon, Amsterdam

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