Beside music Bandini is also a man of Theatre. He trained as a professional actor in Milan and work on theatre production with Mino Manni. His vision of music it has always associated with Theatre and Storytelling.

In London he start collaborating with his good friend fellow songwriter Victor Marichal. The two similarly influenced become quickly a tight couple of creative and came out with their own first script BARFLIES TALES.

After 1 year of work the friends were able to present BARFLIES TALES to an audience. The first prototype has been performed on a sold out night at THE HALF MOON in Putney.

BARFLIES TALES complete show has been presented on the 15th of August 2019 to Camden Fringe with another SOLD OUT night.

"Drink up before the Devil knows you're dead!"

BARFLIES TALES is a dark comedy musical written and directed by London based singer-songwriters Bandini & Victor Marichal.On stage with the 2 songwriters their 5 piece band, and a cast of actors which includes Huw Joseph (Actor, Comedian) and Ann Liu Cannon (Singer Songwriter).

“When Victor unknowingly enters the Limbo Bar, he is suddenly confronted to a strange cast of characters. A fiery young woman with a special hatred for men, a shabby homeless man rambling with a thousand stories and Bandini, the mysterious Italian bartender who seems to be pulling the strings around here. What is this place? How did he end up here? And who is hiding behind the red door of the smoking room?”

Revolving around the “Limbo Bar” and its set of mysterious characters, ‘Barflies Tales’ alternates between music and acting numbers lead by Bandini and Victor Marichal, supported on stage by a five piece house-band (Drum, Guitar, Bass, Sax and Piano) and an original cast of actors.


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