Bandini is an exciting new contemporary artist, who through his reimagining of fusion music has successfully incorporated aspects of jazz, blues, rock and gypsy into a unique sound. Coupled with his enigmatic and theatrical stage performances, Bandini is quickly becoming one of the most relevant emerging acts today.

(The Troubadour, Bedroom Bar, Jamboree).

Through his rugged, intimate vocal approach with the use of piano and harmonica he achieves a unique blend of magnetism; transforming his already dynamic musical output into a mesmerizing theatre show.

Soon to present his debut album ‘Barflies’ – Bandini has been described as Organic New Orleans Gypsy Blues Pop – (Tom Waits meets Louis Prima, Dr John and The Neville Brothers accompanied by Kid Creole’s Coconuts providing attitude harmony).

A keen love of storytelling is key to Bandini’s performance, a passion that emanates from his father’s taste in literature, with Alan Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski, John Fante, Henry Miller and the beat generation playing a key role in his performance.

The Troubadour referred to Bandini as “the bastard son of Cab Calloway and Tom Waits”. “I like to galvanise my audience towards a mutual passion for art”.

With a ten piece group that comprises of an eclectic theatre mix of savvy creatives; Bandini includes a dynamic and rare blend of woodwind, horns and guitar wizardry.

Bandini maintains a keen approach to embracing emerging models of music, striking the balance between the diversity of his influences and seducing an audience.

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