Sound & Vision

Presenting three tracks from Bandini's debut album "Barflies".  Inspired by the story of a night out in the effervescent streets of London, the songs offer a taste of the get up and dance, the wonders of weirdness and the beauty of a ballad, lovingly descending you through the experience and intricacies one night in London can cause.


Aspects of jazz, blues, rock, pop and gypsy.

Similar to

Tom Waits, Cab Calloway, Dr John and The Neville Brothers, Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Instruments involved

  • Vocal
  • Backing vocals
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Saxophone 
  • Mellowphone
  • Trumpet 
  • Drums
  • Hammond


Artist: Unsigned

Tracks: Late Night Show released, remaining tracks unreleased, availability of 8 more.

Energetic, get up and dance track

Rhythmical, dramatic, haunted track

Old fashioned blues ballad

Instrumental Versions

Bandini - Late Night Show 

Bandini - Song of the Devil

Bandini - Alleyway of Freedom

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