After a SOLD OUT launch gig  at the Jamboree in London on 2nd of February, Late Night Show is now available on YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Inspired by the story of a night out in the effervescent streets of London, Late Night Show is the first single from the upcoming album Barflies.

Produced by renowned UK soul artist Camelle HindsLate Night Show is a get up and dance track which combines Blues with Gypsy Rock vibes, sure to become a smashing hit.

Produced by Camelle Hinds
Recorded at Perry Vale Studios, Pat Collier
Mastered by Dharma Studios, St. John Wood

Performed in this record: 
Al Bandini - Hammond, Harmonica, Lead Vocal
Drum - Jacob Powell
Bass - Luigi Rignanese
Guitar - Richard Blenkinsop
Guitar - Julian Burdock
Saxophone - Richard Castle
Mellowphone - Oliver Presman
Trumpet - Eikel Ferndandez
BVS - Sandra Sorio, Jenny Lagerholm, Georgia Piper

Watch "The making of Barflies"

After a journey that lasted more than a year, Barflies, Bandini's first album, is almost ready. The Making of Barflies is a series of videos produced by Seven / Eight creative studio that go through the creative process behind the album and all the people that collaborated to it.

Press Shots

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